About Mike Seabold

Mike Seabold began his building career as a cabinet maker for a small company located in Hillsboro, Oregon. In 1967, he opened a small shop of his own. After a few years of building cabinets, Mike got a job in the commercial construction industry, obtaining his journeyman carpenter card with the carpenters union.

In the mid-1970s, Mike moved into full home construction as a framer and as a small contractor. He then went on to build new homes and remodel existing homes, building up to 15 homes a year.

Mike has been a licensed building contractor with the state of Oregon since 1981. He built many homes from bare ground in rural areas to multi-family units in Portland, Oregon. He has always been a hands-on contractor, leveraging many of the skills he’s learned throughout the years.

Mike started his home inspection company in 2001. He uses all the skills and lessons learned to help home buyers make informed decisions about the homes they are considering.

Mike still does kitchen and bathroom remodels as a way to keep his hands-on approach to building but on a smaller scale.

In his free time, Mike builds hot rods and uses many of the skills learned in the construction business in his car hobby.

He has a wonderful wife of 20 years, Miss Melody, who has a successful real estate career and is Mike’s one true love and best friend. The Seabolds have lived in the same home that Mike built for them in Hillsboro for more than 20 years.

Mike also has a small assistant home inspector with him most of the time. Jack Bower will work for treats and adds much joy to the Seabolds’ lives.

Mike looks forward to helping you make an informed decision about your home purchase.


CCB #35196 • OCHI #409

Mike Seabold with his assistant, Jack Bower

Jack Bower

A hot rod Mike built



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